When you’re a white woman running for president and speaking before a crowd at the Black Women’s Agenda, you better have one of your own. For Hillary Clinton, that agenda seemed to be one of support and uplift for her potential poll supporters  — or more pandering to black people depending on who you ask.

The democratic presidential nominee spoke Friday at an event hosted by the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium Workshop, an organization dedicated to addressing disparities faced by black women. According to screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-6-41-50-pmt, while Clinton stated all women struggle to find harmony between their responsibilities at work and home, she explained that task is often especially more difficult for black women.

“You, your daughters, your granddaughters … leave the house every morning, put on that game face that we all practice and enter a society that consistently challenges your worth,” Clinton stated. “Yet you remain fierce in the face of these challenges.

“While your stories are often missing from the history books, make no mistake, you are the changemakers, the path breakers and the ground shakers, and you are proof that yes indeed, black girl magic is real.”

Pointing out that black women came out to vote more than anyone else in the 2012 election, Clinton acknowledged she would’ve never made it this far in her political career without the black women who are a part of her campaign, noting:

“It goes to show that black women deserve more than a seat at the table — it’s past time you had a fair change to run the meeting.”

While Clinton didn’t appear to outline any ways in which she’d help make that happen, according to Mic, Clinton did promise to “secure affordable child care, paid parental leave and equal pay and continue her commitment to civil rights and women’s rights.”

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