You know how when you finally accept a person for who they are — no matter how lost or screwed up — nothing they do upsets you anymore? That’s pretty much where we are with Kanye West. We reckon you’ve probably been there with him for about as long as we have as well. That’s why when everyone’s panties got in a bunch over his latest fashion show casting call, we gave what we felt was the most appropriate response: a *Kanye shrug*

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There’s plenty of debate about what Kanye’s casting call means. Some argue it’s a code way for him to exclude white women, others say it’s not an explicit attack on black women — black women with wholly west African features, a few cynics facetiously claim Ye is finding a way to increase representation for his multiracial daughter because #BiracialLivesMatter. In lieu of any explanation from Kanye, we don’t know who’s right, nor do we really care. We lost the Yeezy battle years ago and there are no signs of a future rematch. Kanye has happily been living in a multiracial wonderland for some time now and there’s really no reason to assume the art that results from this casting call will be any worse or harder to digest than the message he’s already sent via the pedestal upon which he’s exalted his wife and the image of lost black boy that he’s exemplified since his alliance with the Kardashian family.

So here’s the news a host of websites just as guilty of multiracial-washing as Kanye are hypocritically reporting to get black women riled up again. We’re cool on the faux outrage from these outlets like Harper’s Bazaar who haven’t cast an obviously black woman in a photoshoot or fashion campaign for about as long as Yeezy. But if you’re mad at this, that’s cool too. Overt exclusion shouldn’t be as easy to dismiss with a shrug of the shoulders. Like Kanye said, “come as you are.”

So tell us, are you mad at this casting call?

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