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The racists who’ve been taunting Leslie Jones since the comedian gained considerable fame with her role in Ghostbusters have tried time and time again to tear her down, and again they have failed, thanks to a quality no one can take from Leslie or any other black woman: resilience.

As if it wasn’t enough for trolls to spew hate in Leslie’s Twitter mentions, late last month the SNL star’s official website was hacked with nude pictures of her and an image of the slain gorilla Harambe. It was enough to make anyone quit the Internet and social media altogether, but not Leslie. She is back and she’s in party mode for her 49th birthday this coming Wednesday. She tweeted Sunday night:

We can’t even express how happy it makes us to see Leslie back so soon, and how encouraging it is to witness her ability to always get back up. Leslie is a shining star in a space that rarely allows black bodies. A confident gem in an industry that reduces physical attributes like hers to “less classically beautiful” and “unconventional.” It’s her attitude and refusal to give racists what they want that inspires the rest of us to battle the demons in our personal lives and not give others the satisfaction of neither stealing our joy, nor our professional opportunities. They say you can’t keep a good man down; but Leslie proves you can’t keep a black woman down, ever.

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