Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.47.39 PMThere is a White woman out there in the world crying White tears and I’m just collecting all of them and gleefully frolicking and splashing about in them.

Remember Jennifer Cramblett, the woman who attempted to sue a fertility clinic after accidentally being impregnated with a Black man’s sperm? Remember that her lawsuit got thrown out of court? Well, she is back at it again and is trying to sue the fertility clinic responsible for the mix-up, because three years have passed since the birth of her half Black (not blonde hair, blue-eyed, as she originally anticipated) baby and things have gotten real.

Far realer than Cramblett could’ve possibly expected, even when the lawsuit claimed:

“Jennifer was crying, confused and upset. All of the thought, care and planning that she and Amanda had undertaken to control their baby’s parentage had been rendered meaningless. In an instant, Jennifer’s excitement and anticipation of her pregnancy was replaced with anger, disappointment and fear,” the original suit claimed.

Cramblett and her partner had every damn reason to be fearful of having a Black baby. Why? Well, because White people– including these two mothers– are racist as hell. And these two White women had no intentions of confronting or dealing with that racism.

Whooommp.. whooommp….. Now they have to!

The new lawsuit is attempting to sue the clinic for emotional distress. Now that her daughter is three years old, Cramblett believes she should be awarded damages from mothering a mixed race baby. She needs money to pay for personal counseling for her racist white ass and her whole damn racist family, since she “was raised around stereotypical attitudes” towards Black people. The new mother also claims she had to move out of “intolerant” Uniontown, Ohio, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Some of the other damages? Well, having to take care of her Black baby’s hair of course! For “a decent cut” Cramblett drives to a black neighborhood which she believes is more stressful than what most mothers experience. Does the lord show no mercy to White women!?

By most mothers, I guess Cramblett is excluding Black or mothers of color from the equation who know far too well the struggles of parenting a child of color in this racist country. Whose everyday trials and fears are dismissed by the likes of Cramblett and her racist partner and family who would only admit to being racist if it could somehow win them some money.

After the first lawsuit, the fertility clinic that made the mistake issued her an apology and a refund, but Cramblett still was not pleased. She gone get paid. And she wants to ensure that no poor White woman is ever shackled with the enduring pain and tragedy that is raising a Black baby.

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