Jesse Williams has come to be the man we turn to to say the things that need to be said in places most of us don’t have access to say them or be heard. But his latest tweet of activism has many asking questions.

When Nate Parker’s rape accusation resurfaced last month, Jesse was mum on the subject. A month prior, Jesse had thanked Nate, who introduced him before he accepted the Humanitarian Award at the BET Awards with the speech that officially earned him the title of #WokeBae. But given the many layers of the Birth of a Nation tale, which has now come to overshadow Nat Turner’s, Jesse’s silence wasn’t seen as compliance. (It took Gabrielle Union, a rape victim herself, a month to gather her own thoughts on the matter after all.) However, Jesse’s appearance at the Hollywood premiere of the film Wednesday night and the tweet below do suggest a co-signage of sorts.

One woman in particular took issue with Jesse’s tweets, sharing the thoughts many of us have about being asked to essentially lay our gender aside — and all of the sexual politics we’re subjected to as a result of it — in favor of racial solidarity and supporting this film.

And while many began debating and questioning Jesse’s words, he declined to engage in conversation. However, about 20 hours later he sent another somewhat-cryptic message which appears to be a response to his ill received Birth tweet.

Unfortunately, without a full statement on the matter, Jesse has left his words open for interpretation and most of the resulting insinuations are less than positive. Is it possible Jesse’s male privilege is beginning to show? Or does he believe Nat Turner’s story is more important than the sordid one of the man telling it? Let’s hope he offers some clarification soon.

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