One woman caught social media’s attention while protesting at Kanye West’s controversial ‘multi-cultural’ model call held in New York City.


She goes by the name of “babyscumbag” on Instagram, and she eloquently wrote about all that was wrong with the casting call.

“This is an indictment of not just Yeezy but the entire fashion and beauty industry in which there is a racialized hierarchy of beauty which is a ubiquitous symptom of the legacy of colonialism,” she wrote. “Regardless of whether Yeezy does choose to include dark skinned women in the end, the coded language of the casting call was clear and a part of a broader problem of colorism in the fashion industry.”

She also wrote that, “Black can only be beautiful when ‘MIXED’ with another RACE.”

“There is a history of wanting to dilute the Blackness of one’s children because of the longstanding stigmatization of Blackness,” she said, adding later that, “The lighter you are the more beautiful you are considered.”

It’s interesting that a woman, who Kanye would probably choose for his show, is speaking out about the colorism issues that he obviously have.

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