Folks were still reeling from Marc Jacobs’ response to the criticism and backlash he received after featuring white models in rainbow dreadlocks in his latest runway show. The designer’s uneducated, dismissive statement left much to be desired, to say the least.

Top beauty vlogger Jackie Aina took to her YouTube channel to break down cultural appropriation, assimilation and the hypocrisy of it all in a 10 minute video filled with gems and all of the necessary information one needs to fully understand why what he did was so wrong.

“Only in this country will people tell you you need to conform to look normal then turn around and take a style that is natural to your culture, call it a trend, and then after you’ve conformed to what they tell you to do – call you a hypocrite and an appropriator,” she points out.


YouTuber AdrianXpression took a slightly more comedic route in roasting the designer but made sure to include all of the major facts in his video as well. “A lot of black people see straightening their hair as a necessity. It’s something that affects their life chances. It’s something that affects their economic status, while you bitches are just frolicking and playing with our f*cking images in the media as if we didn’t struggle to even get to the place that we are now. You bitches still aren’t featuring us,” he notes.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with everything Jackie and Adrian had to say?

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