screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-4-06-11-pmOnline dating can feel like a digital space filled with quantity over quality men. Most of us ladies get our inboxes filled with messages from guys, but the number of them actually interested in getting to know the lady behind the profile (and not merely get in bed on the first day) seem to be few and far in between.

Luckily for us ladies, you can usually decipher a creeper from a keeper just by reading his first message! Avoid the senders of these 12 Creeper Messages to Completely Ignore While Online Dating and you are certain to have better online dating luck.

1.“Hi.” What says “I am lazy and not really that interested” more than a single syllable word for a message?

2. “You’re hot/sexy/attractive.” This sender has scripted the most unoriginal and vaguely scummy combination of words in the online dating world. Though physical attraction is important, it shouldn’t be the only thing he is thinking about when sending you a message.

3. “What are you looking for on here?” A lost dog? A shoelace? A guilty verdict/jail time for Bill Cosby or R. Kelly? Us ladies are looking for dates, hence the reason why we are on a dating website. This question is usually code for “do you want to hook-up, no strings attached?” and tends to only come from creeps.

4. “I love/have a thing for Black girls.” Who doesn’t want to be fetishized in their introduction to another human being? Definitely not me.

5. “What are your plans for the weekend?” Perhaps he’s just making polite chit-chat, but he could also be gearing up to ask you on a date without any conversation first. Any girl who reads this as a first-ever message from a dude is thinking he seems really desperate.

6. “I wud luv 2 get 2 kno u I think u real cute.” This kind of message makes me wonder, did he graduate high school? I’m no grammar Nazi but gotdamn.

7. “My name is (name). I am (height), have (color) eyes and (color) hair. I am a down-to-earth guy who loves to work out and take care of my body.” This information is most likely already in your profile, so who should a guy feel it needs to be copied and pasted into a message. Anyone worth your time could certainly think of something more interesting to say, for God’s sake.

8. “I have a girlfriend/I am married, but …” She is a blow-up doll name Trixie? She is a ghost that only visits once a year? No matter how this sentence ends, it’s creepy, unless the recipient has indicated an interest in polyamory. If you haven’t, NEXT!

9. “You would be lucky to go out with me.” There is a line drawn between confident and cocky. This message crosses that line.

10. “I’m a good guy.” I’ve already written an entire post about why I don’t date self-described “good guys”. Y’all should really stay away from those. “Good guy” is usually just code for creep

11. “Call me sometime. (555)425-5555.” Whoa, this guy needs to slow down! If he wants to exchange numbers in the first message, what will you expect to do on the first date?

12. “I have some private pics I could send you.” Be gone Anthony Weiner! Be gone!

These are just 12 of the creeper messages I’ve gotten from dudes online dating. Have you received any that us ladies should ignore? Air them out in the comments!

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