Nicki Minaj just released her new fragrance “Trini Girl”, that aspires to “captivate the charm of [Minaj’s] Trinidadian heritage.” According to Complex, “the women’s fragrance includes notes of juicy fruits, Trinidadian chaconia blossoms and finishes with coconut and white musk”. While I believe the perfume’s producers hit their mark by using chaconia blossoms in the scent, as a Trinidadian native, I think there are a few necessary ingredients missing from this description. So, in celebration of Trinidadian culture and the release of Nicki Minaj’s new “Trini Girl” scent, I decided to make a list of 18 Ingredients Nicki Minaj’s New “Trini Girl” should include to capture the full essence of Trinidadian heritage. 

1. Mango tree. And no, not just a single mango fruit: the whole damn tree!

2. Browned sugar before you put in the chicken for stew. Not too burned, cooked just right to release that sweet, hearty aroma. 

3. Doubles. I once had a boyfriend flirtatiously tell me that he would eat me up like a fresh, hot doubles. What Trini wouldn’t want their significant other to smell like a doubles? Amirite?

4. Baby Powder. Whether for a fete, a dash on the chest for night on the town or just stroll down Charlotte street, Trini’s love powder. No Trini scent would be complete without it.

5. Fruit preserves. Red sweet mango, pepper plum, amchar pommecythere– throw all a that in there.

6. Maracas sea breeze with a hint of bake and shark scent. Sea breeze is only Trini sea breeze if there is the smell of bake and shark in the air.

7. Whatever Machel Montano naturally smells like after a performing a fete. I don’t care what anyone has to say. I know he probably smells like Hibiscus and Bougainvillea, so why not?

8. Freshly baked sweet bread. Or freshly baked black cake. Maybe just bottle and sell the Kiss Cake bakery scent?

9. Roast Corn. Ahhhh. The smell of chillin’ round the Savannah.

10. Power Mints. Afterall, nothing is fresher than a near lethal dose of menthol!

11. Curry. Not like an overwhelming amount, though. Just a hint for some added trini spice.

12. The subtly sweet scent of inebriation. The human body does something strange when it breaks down alcohol– it releases this subtly sweet (yet kind of yucky) stench that Trinis are far too familiar with, particularly during Carnival time. Why? Cause a Trini lime isn’t complete without a cooler full of alcohol.

13. Apple J.

14. Noni. I kid, I kid.

15. Green Seasoning. Trini doh like no bland food, so why would they like a bland perfume? Pepper a “Trini Girl” scent with chadon beni, garlic, pimentos (or scotch bonnets), scallions, thyme, parsley and onion and it is sure to be a mega success!

16. Sorrel. Fresh and floral, this scent will always conjure happy feelings of Christmas.

17. Rastaman Oils. Yes, there is such a thing. It is typically sold near the highway. And it smells damn good.

18. Honey roasted nuts. From “D Nuts Man”, preferably.

Nicki Minaj’s new scent hit shelves on Oct 20th. Maybe it won’t smell like everything on this list, but hopefully it will give consumers a hint of Trini’s island flavor. Have you tried Minaj’s “Trini Girl” scent yet? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

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