Normally we wouldn’t complain about someone giving to the poor, but the way in which one Atlanta rapper chose to give to the needy speaks more of his need to feed his ego than the homeless.

The artist, known as Ralo, posted a video on Instagram a few days ago with a deceptively authentic caption that read: “F-ck going to the strip club, all the n-ggas wit money let’s go to all the homeless shelters and make it rain on the poor people…”

The proposition of giving thousands to those in need rather than those in the nude sounds like a good idea in theory — except for the part where Ralo literally tossed money from his BMW and watched homeless men and women scramble to pick up dollars off of the ground as he looked on with his friends laughing and taunting the needy.

Reports have said Ralo tossed anywhere between 30K-50K from his car while he and friends laughed at men who had plates in their hands as they tried to catch money flying in the air. It was a sad 60-second sight to watch from a young man whose head appears to at least be half on straight.

The 21-year-old who was born Terrell Davis was incarcerated 34 times between the ages of 12-19. And despite making $12 million in just one year selling drugs, the rapper gave up drug dealing two years ago, telling Djbooth.net, “I’d rather be broke and free than rich and in jail.” Unfortunately, freedom allows him to walk around flaunting his money in the faces of those who didn’t make millions by engaging in illegal activity and making a mockery of their struggles for he and his Instagram followers’ personal enjoyment.

Thankfully, no one appears to have taken Ralo up on his Homeless Challenge — at least in this form. By all means, we encourage giving to the poor. But when you give just to get off on having far more than others, you’re no better than the rappers wasting their money on strippers.

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