Azealia Banks is sticking to her story about being choked, called the n-word and spat on by Russell Crowe. In an interview with Access Hollywood the “Big Beat” rapper spoke candidly about the incident that happened 3 weeks ago.

“Every time something like this happens I’m always being blamed for wanting this kind of attention… I’m just like really, really humiliated.”

Banks says that she was told by RZA not to say anything after the incident happened. And she chalked that up to him wanting to be a part of the “good ole boys” club. Now interestingly enough, witnesses did say Crowe did spit, but it wasn’t at Banks. So I guess he was just going around spitting for no reason?

Banks admitted that there were some jokes being told, and that’s when Crowe caught feelings.

“Maybe it was the moonshine, maybe it was the rejection, maybe it was the jokes,” she said.

Unfortunately for Banks, she thought there would be security cam footage, but the hotel says there were no cameras on the floor the party was being held, which she finds suspicious.

Banks still filed a police report against Crowe, but since all of the witnesses are corroborating with him, and there’s no cameras, who knows how this will work out.

In the meantime, Banks is still being controversial on Facebook by selling skin bleaching kits. Although she titled it “Baby’s First Bleaching Kit,” she stated on Facebook the name was just a joke, and she commonly uses the products on her bikini line, to get rid of hyper-pigmentation, and dark under arm pits.

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