In a video that has gone viral, a New York City bus rider was arrested after defending a 15-year-old girl against a molester on a bus. Although the man’s name isn’t known, you can see him in the video above he punched the sexual predator. Apparently the man not only touched the girls neck, but also tried to kiss on her.

After the confrontation, NYPD officers board the bus, and the molester tells them that the black man tried to kill him. But you can hear other passengers tell the police that’s not what happened.

Of course, even though the black man is trying to give his side of the story, he’s still handcuffed outside of the bus. The man tries once again to tell the officers what happened. And also included the fact that he doesn’t have a criminal record and is a college graduate. As if any of that matters nowadays to police officers.

Eventually other cops arrive on the scene, and it seems as though the black man is given a ticket for a court date, and is told to explain to the judge what happens.

And this is why so many people don’t want to step up and take on the role of a good samaritan.

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