Hey Trick,

Clutch here with a few questions about your comments regarding “black hos.” We heard your PSA and have to admit we feel as concerned with your advice for black women to “tighten up” as we do the assumption that any woman, black, white, or Spanish, is checking for you as a sexual partner or a beacon of guidance.

Let’s revisit what you said, shall we?

PSA from #trickdaddy

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Now under ordinary circumstances we’d ignore you and let you carry on like the troll that you are, but we’re so baffled by your indignant arrogance that we felt the need to break a few things down for you.

No. 1: We’ve been pitted against white women since we stepped foot in this country. You said nothing in your little rant that we haven’t heard before. We were unbothered then; we’re unbothered now.

No. 2: Perhaps you didn’t get the memo, but this is the year of #BlackGirlMagic in all areas from music to the Olympics. We’re the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs and we’re the reason #BlackLivesMatters is even a thing. We’ve been tight for some time now. Perhaps you’re the one who needs to catch up.

No. 3: We’re not motivated by men to be on our sh-t. You know all those wins we listed in point two? We did those things for ourselves, not to win the affection of some man.

No. 4: Those traits you’re admiring in Spanish and white women are based on our natural characteristics. It’s funny you chose to list off all the ways black women spend money to enhance themselves without acknowledging how other women routinely appropriate our beauty to get your attention. We’ve been doing butts and braids; if you’re only now into those things because they’re on non-black women, the problem lies with you brotha.

No. 5: Our value is not based on our bodies or our abilities in the kitchen. If all it takes is a white girl to fry some chicken for you for you to forsake black women, be gone. We’re not really interested in that cater to you narrative anymore.

No. 6: You have a few things to fix on your own. Have you caught up on child support yet? What about those back taxes? Still owe on your mortgage? We think you’re the one who needs to tighten up a bit bruh.

We wish we could say we were mad at you Trick, but honestly we’re just humored. So many people think we’re exaggerating when we complain about how black women are continuously demeaned and attacked, but you’re the perfect example to prove the point of how even the least among them will attempt to exert authority and excellence where there is none.

If you want to date white and Spanish women, go ahead. But if they choose to give you the time of day, admit that you ran after those women because you wanted to and not because black women need to step their game up. Our sh-t is pretty tight, Trick. You might wanna get your own sh-t together before publishing another Twitter vid..


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