In 2011, TvOne aired The Ultimate Merger, a dating series executive produced and created by Donald Trump. The show revolved around  14 men competing to win the affection of Toccara Jones. Now that allegations of sexual assault have emerged surrounding Donald Trump, Elijah Connor, a former contestant on the series, is now speaking out about Trump.

In a BuzzFeed interview, Connor said he witnessed Trump making vulgar comments about Jones and said Trump would openly discuss the former America’s Next Top Model star’s body and referred to her breasts as “jugglers.”

“Here’s a guy who owns a billion-dollar company, taking a cheap shot at her breasts. I’m literally standing there shocked,” Connor said.“I think I just stood there in amazement, like, ‘Did this guy just say this?’ Literally, this is like how my little cousin talks, who is 12, and going through puberty.” Trump also admitted he wasn’t a fan of Jones as the star of the show by saying, “Ah, she wasn’t my first pick, but she slimmed down for the show.”

Another contestant, Cedric Bello, also said Trump routinely commented on Jones weight and breasts.

Jones appeared on the second season of the show, and Trump’s favorite “African-American” Omarosa, appeared on the first season. One has to wonder what TvOne was thinking in the first place?

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