Apparently Nate Parker has an issue with online media and how his rape scandal has been covered.

Parker appeared on The Steve Harvey Show (looking for sympathy) to discuss his movie and rape allegations.

The filmmaker was quick to call out the media for provoking controversy, telling Harvey that reading “salacious” headlines written about the 1999 incident made him wonder, “‘What are these journalists trying to do? Do they care about anyone involved? Do they care about what we’ve been talking about?’ I think it’s been a tragedy on so many levels.”

How about their jobs? But anyways.

It’s funny how Parker chose Harvey, and his tone differed from his recent interview with Robin Roberts. Parker also stuck with the story how he was unaware his accuser committed suicide in 2012.

“It shocked my soul. To hear that news — I wasn’t prepared for it. I thought maybe she’d pop up once [the accusations] resurfaced,” Parker said. “When this happened, and I spoke to it, it was insensitive. I caught a lot of flak for it, for being indignant and saying, ‘I’m innocent. I was falsely accused so that’s that!’ — not realizing that, one, there should be empathy for any woman.”

“It was devastating to hear that I, at any point, had a connection with someone that felt like it was time for them to take their own life,” Parker said.

He went on to criticize news outlets for what he saw as biased coverage of the trial, asking, “Are we in the business of headlines or are we in the business of healing? … I can get upset with the media and be mad, or I can say what can come out of this that can be productive.”

Negro, please.

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