A high school female football player was mocked on social media for being black.

Ashton Brooks is a senior placekicker for the H.H. Dow High School football team in Midland, Mich. But apparently, in the eyes of certain people on social media, she’s being described as a gorilla.

An Instagram post has gone viral that shows someone making fun of Brooks:

Malcolm Brooks said he is outraged over the social media post about his little sister.

“It hurts! It hurts! And it hurts to be in a world where that’s still a thing,” he told WNEM.

“I didn’t think it was here, i didn’t think it was going to affect us here. I didn’t think it was that big of a problem anymore, but obviously it is, there’s still people out there that are like that,” Brooks said. “She’s ok, she’s taking it hard, she took it hard the first day, she’s taking it a lot better.”

WNEM reached out to  Reyna Muck, but her mother did issue a statement.

 “This poor little girl, I hope she’s ok. My understanding is that no one is upset with each other, it’s the other people who have posted these things creating an invitation to harm my daughter. My daughter was stupid and she did the wrong thing. She’s sorry for it and she will change. She isn’t racist. She doesn’t hate.”

Brooks is receiving a lot of support on her Facebook page since the incident has gone viral.

“(Midland Public Schools) is sickened by the social media post and feel awful for Ashton and her family. H.H. Dow High School and the Midland Public Schools’ school community is honored to have a student of Ashton’s character as a member of our student body,” Midland Public Schools said in a statement.

“We are equally offended and upset that our schools and community have been connected to her comments in this matter. The comments made do not reflect the beliefs of our district or schools in any way,” the statement continued.

“We believe that based on what we have learned, he was unaware of the post being made and specifically did not know about the girl’s comments until we addressed it with him,” the statement said.

Brooks’ brother said he hopes this is a lesson for his little sister, the world, and to Muck herself.

“I would try and make her understand why that hurts, why we feel the way we do about it, and why it affects everybody so greatly. I’d try, whether or not she’d believe me is her choice,” he said.

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