As a Black woman writer constantly engrossed in discussions about social justice, police brutality, racial inequality and misogyny I know, far too well, the toll it can take on the mind, body and soul. Surviving and fighting inequality and oppression is both taxing and daunting. Sometimes, it is easy to feel completely frustrated, emotionally drained, and mentally fatigued by the debates and struggle to be heard or respected. It is in those moments that the importance of self-care is evident. Those moments when you just can’t take it anymore, feel completely overwhelmed and need spiritual sustenance.

In those moments, I sometimes look to a girlfriend or call up my mother to vent. Other times, I take a trip somewhere and pay no attention to social media for a few days. But occasionally, I’m too broke to travel and my friends/family are too busy to extend their support.

And that is when I binge watch cute baby and animal videos. Cute videos, like this one with a porcupine eating a pumpkin:


You watched the video, right? Did you not think about the fall or the cute Halloween costume you might wear? Did you not feel the excitement of this tiny mammal’s enjoyment of his vegetable snack? Did you not forget about police brutality or that idiot who said something sexist to you while on a date, for just one moment?

That is the power of cute animal and baby videos.

I should add that the porcupine’s name is Teddy Bear.

*Ugly cries*

Whhhyyy isss it so cute and potentially dangerous?

I feel like the porcupine may be my spirit animal. I like eating pumpkin. I think I am sometimes equally as cute and potentially dangerous as this spiky, yet cuddly-looking creature.

In any case, I write this all to say: Happy Friday!

I hope this brief moment of appreciation for the cute, yet inconsequential, gave you a moment of reprieve from the daily Black woman’s grind. I think I’m now ready for the fight.

Clutch Readers: What are some of your quirky self-care routines? This is a judgement-free zone, folks.

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