Donella Wilson is 107-years-old, and  one of South Carolina’s oldest voters. When she heads to the polls today, she’ll be casting her vote for the 13th time.

“I never thought that I will live to see a day like this, I’m over 100 years old,” she said.

As the daughter of slaves, Wilson is remembering those who came before her, and will continue her tradition of casting the vote in their memory.

wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina

“We couldn’t spell vote. We didn’t know what the word meant other that we had an opportunity to say something and cast a vote, praying as we go along that the vote could count to help us as a Negro race,” she recalled.

This election, there’s one person getting Wilson’s vote..

“I’m looking for her to be our first female President,” Wilson said. “I think it’s an honor, a precious gift from God.”

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