A woman who was in an interracial relationship has gone viral after posting a video that shows her white boy verbally abusing her about supporting Black Lives Matter.

In the video, Madison Amelia is sitting on the couch as her boyfriend shouts the n-word at her, and talks about how President Obama ruined the U.S.


According to the Brown Girl Squad Facebook page, Madison suffered physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her ex, which is why she’s no longer with him:

“The young woman in the videos name on fb is Madison Amelia. She reached out to me after the video went viral, and for those genuinely concerned she says that the man is her now EX boyfriend. She was calm in the video so that she could actually record it. He was emotionally and physically abusive. She is safe and happy now. I tried to tag her, but couldn’t. I’m sure she’ll show up here, so take this opportunity to ask her questions under this comment if you’d like”

Madison also posted comments in regards to the video:

“Thank you for sharing! I know I cant be the only one to have experienced and I wanted people to know that there is so much love on the other side of an abusive relationship. It’s scary to leave, but well worth it.”

A quick look at Madison’s Facebook page shows that she’s in a new relationship….with another white guy. Hopefully she did better screening this time.

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