screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-1-57-26-pmBecause they’re going to need it over the next four years.

California voters passed the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, also known as Proposition 64, Tuesday, making it legal to smoke marijuana recreationally in the state, according to the Associated Press. Californians may now grow and possess pot, but Los Angeles Times reports they won’t be able to purchase it legally until dispensaries are properly licensed.

Massachusetts passed a measure legalizing marijuana for recreational and commercial use, according to MassLive.com. The drug will now be regulated by a Cannabis Control Commission. Voters approved the measure two to one, though the website speculates it will be amended, as government leaders felt the proposed amount of tax on marijuana was too low.

According to the NY Times, voters in Nevada  approved Question 2 — Legalize Marijuana — in Nevada on Tuesday. The initiative calls for legalizing the recreational use of one ounce or less of marijuana by adults 21 and over. Medical marijuana was legalized in Nevada in 2000.

Seriously, over the next four years, we’re going to need all of the marijuana we can get to survive the clusterfuck of a presidency that we’re getting.

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