In the wake of Donald Trump winning this year’s brutal, painful and overall emotional 2016 Presidential Election, it’s safe to say that those of us who voted for Hillary whether we did so out of sheer distrust and contempt for the Donald or out of truly believing she was the best choice, were in our feelings.

As Complex writes, “Saturday Night Live made a wise, calculated decision by tapping Dave Chappelle to host its Nov. 12 episode. Lorne Michaels knew, regardless of the outcome, that Chappelle’s appearance would be the perfect postscript to a calamitous presidential election. Still, the gravitas was amplified when Murphy’s Law struck, and Donald Trump was elected our 45th president. It’s the worst that could happen; a turn of events that remains terrifyingly surreal if you aren’t some combination of white, male, wealthy, afraid, and completely self-interested. Low morale, high anxiety, and unbridled fury sparked nationwide protests of Trump’s election.”


Dave commanded the spotlight once again for an extraordinary 90 minutes. What transpired was nothing short of comedic genius and everything we needed to lift our spirits. If you missed the episode, you can find all of the clips on YouTube but the most important thing you should watch today – if nothing else – is Dave’s opening monologue.

Only Chappelle could turn tragedy into humor and make us laugh through the pain.

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