A crazed Trump supporter went on a rant during a recent Delta Airlines flight and is now facing the consequences. Passenger Emma Baum videotaped and released online and to news organizations of the man calling people onboard “Hillary Bitches,” and stating that he voted for Trump and people will have to deal with him being president.

The video caused blowback on social media, with many people wondering why the man wasn’t kicked off the flight.

“We are sorry to our customers who experienced this disruption,” the company said in a statement Saturday. “We have followed up with the teams involved, and all agree that this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight.”

The statement continued: “Our responsibility for ensuring all customers feel safe and comfortable with Delta includes requiring civil behavior from everyone. The behavior we see in this video does not square with our training or culture, and follow up will continue so we can better ensure our employees will know they will be fully supported to make the right decisions when these issues arise.”

Ed Bastian, the company’s chief executive, said that the man “will never again be allowed on a Delta plane.”

“This individual displayed behavior that was loud, rude and disrespectful to his fellow customers,” Bastian wrote. “After questioning the customer, our team members made the best decision they could given the information they had and allowed him to remain on the flight. However, if our colleagues had witnessed firsthand what was shown in the video, there is no question they would have removed him from the aircraft.”

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