For many of us, a major sign that you’re with ‘the one’ is the first moment you realize they truly love you for who you are; without makeup, before you brush your teeth and – without weave.

Eve recently paid a visit to The Real and chopped it up with the ladies about her millionaire race car driver boo. Apparently, she knew he was the one when he walked into the salon as she was preparing to get her weave installed.


“He’s probably the only dude who’s seen me,” the 37-year-old beauty said of Cooper.

“I wouldn’t let a guy see me in my braids and in that moment,” she remarked. “But now I’m like, ‘Yeah, I don’t care.’”

According to Eve, after dating Cooper for a year and keeping her hair looking pretty fabulous while in his presence, he saw her at the salon with her natural hair out and was more intrigued than shocked by her appearance. “That’s when I knew! ‘I guess we’re staying together.’”

Eve pointed out that Cooper is supportive of any hair change she may want to implement, regardless of whether that change is inclusive of 3 bundles and a lace closure.

“He loves me without,” she said. “He could care less.”

Peep the clip and let us know – when did you realize you were with ‘the one’? Have you had a similar experience to Eve’s?

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