Liberty Baptist Church, which was Evansville, Indiana’s first black Baptist congregation and more than 150 years old, was recently vandalized.

The church, that was built by slaves, had its back doors vandalized the church’s back door and van with: “Kill all koons” on the building and “Koons inside” on the vehicle.

“I’ve been the pastor here for 17 years and we’ve never had anything like this,” Robertson told the Evansville Courier and Press. “I know there seems to be a rise across the country of ill will toward certain groups of people. But we keep preaching, we will overcome evil with good.”

 “People ought to be aware that there are some people in our area who have this mentality,” Robertson explained to the Courier and Press. “Hiding it doesn’t heal it. You have to face it in order to heal it. There is evil out there, but we want to have it overcome with good, and glorify the Lord.”
People have been posting positive messages on the church’s Facebook page, since the incident.
“I wanted to send prayers to your church,” one user wrote. “It is difficult to understand the hate and fear that some people still cling to, but it is my belief that love will triumph.”
Evansville police are investigating the incident.
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