The highly anticipated Season 1 finale of Issa Rae’s hit HBO show Insecure aired last night and no one (aside from maybe the cast and crew) could have predicted how Insecure watchin’ America as a whole would react once the chips fell and the smoke cleared.

[Spoiler Alert] – If you haven’t seen the season finale episode of Insecure, please high tail it on out of here and return once you’re all caught up. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


The episode kicks off with Issa coming up to Lawrence’s new job to drop off some toiletries after he abruptly left their apartment at the end of episode 7 but he refuses to take the bag and tells Issa to stop calling and coming up there altogether. Molly and Issa then head down to Malibu for their friend Kelly’s birthday trip despite the previous episode’s tension between them while a newly heartbroken Lawrence hits the strip club with his boys. He nearly falls for a stripper until she throws a wrench in his fantasy to break down some (according to Twitter,  rather inflated) prices for sex.

Lawrence then calls Issa to say they should talk when he she gets back and heads to their apartment to (much to our surprise) pack up his belongings and move out. He did leave one item behind though, one lone, symbolic AF Best Buy employee polo shirt.

Issa rushes home early with the help of Molly, only to discover that Lawrence is gone and the episode culminates with Lawrence aggressively going to town on Tasha, the bank teller who’s had her eyes set on Lawrence from jump. (Insecuritea’s Crissle officially dubbed her #ChaseHo)

There were mixed reactions all across the Twitterverse with men rejoicing at Lawrence’s quote unquote win and women shaking their heads in disappointment because they were holding him to a much higher standard than the typical stone cold basic and predictable revenge move merits.

HBO has confirmed the show is getting a season 2, with a possible air date not until 2018, which is straight up torture, considering all of the show’s fans are dying to know what happens next. Peep some of Twitter’s best reactions below and let us know your thoughts!



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