GoFundMe accounts are started everyday for a vast array of reasons ranging from simple, seemingly ridiculous requests to large scale, life altering ones and tons of pipe dreams, fun goals and prom dresses in between.

Vanessa Gritton of California turned to the fundraising site after finding herself stuck in a marriage that turned abusive She set out to divorce her husband and in her ‘Help Me Divorce This D*ck Already’ story, she wrote:


“Hi everyone! I am not sick, I have a home, and I’m not funding an indie film nor do I need to pay a bookie.
I am still married to my abuser though so that fucking sucks. 

I’ll try to keep it hella brief.

I have tried to get my divorce for two years. Begged for it. I stopped fighting as hard when a visit to gather his things turned into an assault because hey, let’s have the worst thing to every happen to me be sparked by an argument over a tacky suede vest.
Needless to say, after that, I didn’t call much to ask what was the ETA for my freedom. I hid in LA and soon met the people that would build me back up after spending 5 years being broken into nothing. 

He’s evaded my attempts at signing and yesterday after deciding that I’ve worked hard to rebuild my life since he left me living in my car, I fully intend to live it happily and that means making sure I’m not legally bound to the amalgamation of all of my worst fear.”

Gritton’s soon-to-be ex husband told her that he would need $1,500 for the divorce. Thankfully, Gritton did her own research and discovered that she would only need $600. She had half of that and sought to raise the remaining $300.

The donations came pouring in. 167 people raised $2,596 of Vanessa’s original $300 goal in just six days.

She was so far over her goal, she stopped accepting donations and wrote this letter of thanks to her supporters.

“Hey hey! I closed off donations because I cannot in good conscious accept anymore not matter how kind and gracious the offers are. Since I’ve left I’ve been safe, happy, with friends, in a new relationship, got a job and I have everything I need in my life.

Thanks to all of you, I can now afford a lawyer, legal fees and you beat believe one hell of a karaoke party hosted by all of my other lovely comedian friends that is absolutely open to be enjoyed this December! I plan on making a very large donation to a charities so if anyone knows some great foundations, let me know in the comments.

A few words. Women. Empower other women. We can give each other the strength to get out of toxic homes. We can inspire each other to do great things. Don’t tear other women down, lift each other up.

Men, society tells you that being in an abusive relationship with a man or woman makes you weak. That you shouldn’t reach for help. That it makes you lesser. That is not true. You are not weak. You also deserve love and safety.

This isn’t about a hunting down the person that hurt you. Because he hurt me. But he does not define me. It’s about reclaiming the life and the person you were before it all happened. The second you’re free, ever second you live and every step you take is a celebration. Everyone that shared their story on this page deserves to celebrate. Take care of each other <3”

What an awesome story.

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