A 14-year-old girl in Miami, Florida committed suicide over the weekend and live streamed it on Facebook.

Nakia Venant made a noose out of a scarf and hanged herself from the bathroom door according to the state’s Department of Children and Families said in a brief incident report.

According to the Miami Herald reported, police received the wrong address to Venant’s house, after a friend reported the video. But by the time they found the correct house, Venant was already dead, as her foster parents slept in the other room.

Facebook spokesperson Christine Chen said Facebook aims to interrupt livestreams that go against community standards “as quickly as possible.”

“We also suggest people contact law enforcement or emergency services themselves if they become aware of something where the authorities can help,” Chen said in a statement to the Miami Herald.

Venant’s friend, Gerta Telfor, said she was an optimistic and smart girl, who planned on writing a book one day.

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