Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

A father in Tennessee has admitted choking his 14-year-old daughter after finding out she was posting nude photos of herself on Snapchat.

45-year-old Christian Amason was arrested by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday after his daughter told deputies he grabbed her by the throat and began choking her, because she wouldn’t let her mother spank her over the racy photos.

According to an arrest report obtained by The New York Post, the teen was at home with her mother in Harrison when they began arguing over some of the pictures posted. Amason joined the spat when his daughter “refused to allow” a spanking from her mother, slapping the girl on her face, back and legs.

The teen then went to her room, where her parents followed. Amason then grabbed the girl by the throat with both hands and cut off her breathing.

 The girl told deputies she called her sister six hours later to pick her up to go file a police report.

Both of the teen’s parents later admitted spanking her during interviews with deputies. Amason said he lost control of his temper, repeatedly hit his daughter and choked her.

“The parents stated they were angry when they discovered their daughter was posting nude pictures of herself on Snapchat,” according to the arrest report.

Amason was arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect. A judge set bail at $2,000, according to the arrest report. It’s unclear whether Amason has hired an attorney.

J. Matt Lee, public information officer for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, declined to comment further, saying an investigation was ongoing.

What are your thoughts on how this dad handled the situation? What would you have done if you discovered your daughter was posting nude photos of herself on social media?

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