According to The Washington Post, Zion, Illinois Dairy Queen Owner James ‘Jim’ Crichton directed racist insults towards customer Deianeira Ford and her two children and, as a result, ultimately lost his business.

Ford, 21, who is biracial, went to the store intending to give her children a treat. But when there was a problem with her order, she complained to Crichton, who responded by unleashing the N-word.

“He called me and my children nigger; he said I can go back to where I came from,” Ford told the Post. “He took out his flip phone and he said he would take a picture and put it on Facebook because he wants to show the world what kind of nigger he has to deal with. Then he shut the window and walked away.”

Ford called 911, and the cops investigated. Crichton fessed up quickly, and continued using the slur while talking to the police. But while everyone involved found Crichton to be a terrible human being, he hadn’t broken any laws.

Ford later took to her Facebook account to post about the incident, and it was quickly shared by several thousand people. Dairy Queen eventually responded, apologizing and putting out a statement from Crichton:

​”I would like to sincerely and humbly apologize for my recent words and actions,” it said. “I have let my family, friends, employees, our system and this community down with what I have done.”

By Friday, it was all over. DQ said that they were shutting down the location. A protest this past Saturday (Ford pictured above, center) turned into a celebration of the restaurant’s closing.

While Ford was happy about the outcome, she’s still haunted by her three-year-old daughter’s reaction to Crichton’s tirade. “She kind of still brings it up—that’s just how she is,” she told the Post. “She said, ‘Why did that mean man say that to me?'”

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