A Milwaukee based Black Panther group says police assaulted a 10-year-old girl, when they tried to shut down their feed the people event. And the group is now threatening the city with a $400 million lawsuit.

The Revolutionary Black Panther Party’s Milwaukee chapter was holding a food distribution event last Wednesday, when they said officers harassed them and illegal confiscated their guns.

“Our mission with the Revolutionary Black Panther Party is simple. It’s to help feed, clothe, train, shelter and defend our people,” Jamal Canon, the group’s leader, said during a press conference Thursday. “And we have the right to do that without any interruption, without any harassment, without any terrorism.”

Canon says the young girl received a busted lip after an officer elbowed her in the mouth, but let the police tell it, the event was anything but positive.

“Officers monitored a group of armed demonstrators and encountered a subject who was unsafely handling a firearm,” the department said in a statement.

Video posted from the event ended up on Facebook and you can see the confrontation between the police and event attendees.

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