If you’re a white woman who didn’t vote for Donald Trump and you’ve been searching for a way to let the public know you were not a part of the white woman posse largely responsible for electing him President. Two of those women, described as ad creatives by Fast Company, launched the clothing line ‘Not This White Woman‘ for this very reason.

We found ourselves wanting to tell people on the street, strangers on the subway, “it wasn’t me.” When visiting the Subway Therapy Wall in NYC, Michelle added a sticky note that said, “not this white woman.” Karen and Michelle commiserated and collaborated and the idea of a T-shirt was born. 100% of the royalties received will go to Planned Parenthood.

Jezebel’s Kara Brown points out that people of color don’t go around wearing shirts to help curb white people’s stereotypes and that the creation of the clothing line is completely unnecessary.

“Listen, I get it. It’s a horrible thing to be be stereotyped. Walking into a room knowing people might have negative preconceived notions about you is nerve-wracking. Having to shoulder the blame for something you didn’t do isn’t fair. Tough shit, boo!

It could be helpful to walk around in those feelings of frustration for a while and you might leave with just a touch more empathy for what people of color go through every single day. And here’s the crazy part: We don’t even get to wear matching t-shirts!

Could you argue that these ludicrously stupid shirts are mostly innocuous and perhaps even a genuine gesture of goodwill? Sure. As long as we can also discuss how deeply self-involved you’d have to be to put this on your body and wear it with anything less than satirical shame. You might as well wear a hoodie that says: “I have black friends,” or: “I dated an Asian guy in college.”


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