GoFundMe is a cesspool of begging ass beggars. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ll occasionally come across a worthy project to fund, but with people like Dr. Erinn Michelle Haynes, who set up a GoFundMe campaign for $20 million to pay for her wedding, it makes you want to launch a DOS attack on the site.

Haynes wrote on her page:

Greeting and Salutations Dearest Friends and Family Members:

My name is…Dr. Erinn Michelle Haynes and on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017, I will be dearly betrothing my dearest Boaz…Mr. Julian Royce Wooding!!!

I am highly interested in marrying him and I am kindly requesting your financial assistance!!! We would like to get married in Chicago, Illinois’, Navy Pier Botanical Gardens!!! We would also like for there to be a TON of Fireworks because this is MOST DEFINITELY a CELEBRATION of LIFE!!!

Of course social media got a good laugh and promptly snatched her wig in the GoFundMe comments:

The GoFundMe page was eventually deleted. But we’re not sure if she got shamed into deleting it, or the GoFundMe powers that be, took it down.

Hopefully her and her boaz have a backup plan.

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