Christopher Persley tweeted his daughter Camilla’s review of Hidden Figures, and it caught the eyes of its stars.

“I saw Hidden Figures. It was amazing,” Camilla reads. “Katherine, Dorothy and Mary are black women who worked at NASA. They were brave and brilliant. Katherine was great at math. Mary wanted to be engineer. Dorothy led the women. They were all first at something. So go see Hidden Figures!”

In an interview with Mic, Persley explained how his daughter picked the movie to see.

“The Hidden Figures trailer came on, I looked over to see what her reaction was and she leaned forward a little bit,” Persley said in a phone interview. “She was clearly interested in it and when it was over, she said, ‘Daddy, I want to see that! They look like me and they’re really smart.'”

Of course the review caught the attention of:


Which one again proves, representation matters.

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