Natasha Rodney, 9-months-pregnant woman, was on the subway in Manhattan on Thursday when a passenger named Michael Lee, ran into her.

Rodney and Lee had an exchange of words, and Rodney pushed Lee. But Lee took the incident a step further and kicked Rodney twice in the stomach.

“It was a crowded train and the guy bumped into her,” NYPD spokesman Sgt. Lee Jones said. “She mentioned something to him.”

“He got back up and kicked her twice in the stomach,” Jones said.

Cops arrested Lee at the station and charged him with two counts of assault and reckless endangerment.

Rodney was rushed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where she was recovering Thursday afternoon.

“He’s in [police] custody. I feel fine,” Rodney told The Post by phone from her hospital bed.

Lee is awaiting a Friday morning arraignment. But Carol Rodney, the woman’s mother, can’t believe he kicked her.

“She’s pregnant. You can see her stomach. Is he insane? I don’t care what argument they had,” Carol Rodney said. “What if the baby is damaged? What if, God forbid?”

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