Raven Osborne graduates from college on May 5th, even though she’s still a high school senior – with a May 22 graduation date.

While Raven was a high school student, she was also taking community college courses as well as courses at Purdue University Northwest.

Raven’s a student at 21st Century Charter High in Gary, Indiana, where students are required to take college courses in order to graduate.

“Sophomore, that was the most work. I had five high school classes, four college classes,” she said. Five of this year’s 43 graduates earned associate’s degrees. But Raven has her bachelors.

Kevin Teasley started the foundation that runs the school. He uses state funding for tuition and transportation to nearby college campuses.

“The one line item I want to see go up every single year is how much I’m spending on college,” Teasley said.

“When I started it was $10,000. Last year it was $85,000.”

And Raven, like other students, paid absolutely nothing for college. As far as her career goals? Well, she’s returning to her school next year as a teacher.

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