Montana Fishburne, the troubled 25 year old daughter of Blackish star Laurence Fishburne was arrested after a March Fort Lauderdale crash and charged with a DUI. The newly released 22-minute video of her arrest shows Fishburne failing her field sobriety tests, arguing with a state trooper and publicly urinating.

Fishburne, allegedly at the wheel of a Toyota Corolla, rear-ended a Range Rover that slowed down to avoid a previous crash. Troopers who responded found an open bottle of wine inside Fishburne’s car and wrote in their report her breath reeked of booze.

“I’m not tripping, I’m a f…..g ratchet,” Fishburne can be heard telling Trooper Juan Pinzon as she steps over the interstate’s guard rail

Fishburne eventually blew a .18 and .17 in breathalyzer tests that night, according to the troopers’ report. That’s more than twice Florida’s legal limit of .08.

“I really need to pee,” says the famous daughter, lifting up the back of her dress as a stream of cars whizzes by, “and I will pee right here on your car. That’s not a problem. I just need to sit down.”

She then walks toward the guard rail with the trooper asking her what she is doing, climbs over it as she pulls down her panties and squats.

“What are you doing,” Pinzon asks again.

“Is that OK, can I pee,” Fishburne responds.

“Well, you’re already doing it,” Pinzon responds.

When she returns to the emergency lane of the interstate, Fishburne lifts her bare feet so that the gloved trooper can wipe them clean of roadside debris.

“Go ahead, put your dress down,” Pinzon tells her before he helps her sit in his marked Dodge Charger.

Other video tapes inside the trooper’s car on the way to the Fort Lauderdale breath testing center and then jail show Fishburne engaging Pinzon in small talk.

“So, you’re my bae,” Fishburne tells Pinzon when she finds out he’ll stay with her until she goes to jail. “Yeah, you’re my bae.”

“If you say so,” Pinzon replies.

Fishburne recently pleaded not guilty to six counts of DUI-related charges and is preparing for trial later this year. She’s out on $2,500 bond.


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