On Sunday morning, Seattle police officers shot and killed Charleena Lyles, a 30-year-old mother of four, at her apartment in Magnuson Park neighborhood of the city.

Lyles had called 911 to report an attempted burglary. According to a statement from Seattle police, there were “several children” present in the apartment at the time of the shooting when Lyles “confronted” officers with a knife.

According to the Seattle Times, Lyles had a history of mental health issues and due to a previous incident the police flagged her call “hazard information” which means the call “presented an increased risk to officers,” according to Detective Mark Jamieson.

Seattle Police said that when they arrived at her apartment, Lyles had a knife. Both officers on the scene who responded to the call fired their weapons, and although they performed CPR on Lyles, she was declared dead at the scene by fire department officials. The children in the apartment were unharmed and the police are now trying to determine if they witnessed the shooting of their mother.

The Seattle Police Department’s Force Investigative Team is investigating the officers’s use of deadly force in the shooting. Both officers had been placed on administrative leave.

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