What could’ve been a fantastic photo-op for Miss Miss South Africa, turned into a polarizing debate, when the beauty pageant queen sparked outrage after photos emerged of her wearing gloves while visiting an orphanage for HIV-positive children in Johannesburg.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, posted a photo of herself wearing white medical gloves while eating sandwiches and soup with a group of black children. The image’s caption? “Winter is for yummy soup, fresh bread rolls and cozy blankies supporting @themaslowhotel’s#wintersoupdrive.”

Cue Black Twitter, who quickly pointed to the disparity between the way Miss South Africa treated white children (and, well dogs) and black children during photo sessions.

Miss South Africa quickly responded to the Twitter clap back and posted a video explaining that the photo does not represent malicious intentions. Still, Black Twitter just wasn’t having it.

Nevertheless, some are coming to Nel-Peters’s defense, pointing out the fact that she can be found in multiple photos with black children, without any gloves.

Whether or not the photo represents the implicit bias or racism of Miss South Africa — or simply is being taken out of context, one thing is for sure: the response to these photos proves that racial tensions remain at an all-time high in the African nation.

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