A writer over at TheRoot.com asked an important question in a recent editorial: How Much Do Black People Owe Colin Kaepernick? The quarterback star was in the midst of a budding career, making millions of dollars per season, when he decided to publicly protest against police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem, on several occasions. That act has pretty much ended his football career, because it seems there are no willing NFL teams who want to draft the player who remains a free agent.

So should black folk be out protesting and boycotting the NFL for this obvious slight against a black man who was merely exercising his right to free speech and also defending black lives?

The answer to this question is a very important one and how black folk decide to respond is very telling and will likely guide the decisions of future high profile individuals where activism is concerned. If no one takes a stand for Kaepernick, and he is hung out to dry for his activism, there will surely be less willingness from other stars and athletes to put their careers on the lines to stand for any cause.

Do you think black folk will be willing to organize, protest or boycott in defense of Kaepernick? Do we owe him our support?

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