Issa Rae’s star is shining bright after being honored at this year’s Black Girls Rock, and having the second season of Insecure on air.

With the show only in its first couple of episodes, social media has already picked sides. Whether you’re #TeamLawrence or #TeamTasha, every Monday the conversation keeps going. And Rae, who’s not one to shy away from speaking about her own dating issues, spoke with Larry Wilmore about her phase she’s dubbed the “ho phase” (40:00 min mark).

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Rae discussed the season delving into the “Ho Phase”.

“One of the things I’m excited about, just, you know, all the things that black women get to talk about but you don’t get to see on TV,” the 32-year-old said. “We dabble into the ho phase this season.”


“There’s the first category of women, not everybody partakes, some women are just like you know, ‘I wanna meet my king’ and they give it up to those men in that specific category. Then, I think, there are some women who engage and they’re like ‘I’m about to have fun’ you know, ‘I’m about to go out there and do me. I’m about to f**k all I can. I’m about to get my numbers up.’ Unfortunately those women are relegated to a specific category in guy’s eyes as hos.” Rae said.

Sure, some people may have had a “ho phase” but let’s not act like it’s something that’s synonymous with all women.

Clutchettes, have you gone through a “ho phase”? 

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