It’s crazy how things change. Remember before Jesse Williams was a famous actor, and his soon-to-be ex wife Aryn was the breadwinner? Who had a career and supported her then boyfriend and husband? Well it looks as though the divorce between Jesse and Aryn is getting a little heated.

In their vicious custody battle, the “Grey’s Anatomy” star filed new documents blasting Aryn, saying she gets to stay at home with their two kids, Maceo and Sadie, but she’s not alone and hardly the parent she makes out to be.

Last week, according to  TMZ, Aryn, 34, is fighting for full custody of their two children. She claims that Jesse has their kids around too many women and they are being “emotionally comprised.” She accused Jesse, 36, of having anger issues, claiming he threatened to kill a neighbor after the neighbor flipped him off.

She is also upset that Jesse puts their two children on social media, saying he does this to “buffer for the negative talk about him in the media.” The accusations are endless. Ultimately, Aryn is asking for full custody and put in an order that he cannot introduce their kids to new women until they have been dating for six months.

In the TMZ obtained the court documents, Williams says she has the  “incredible privilege of being a stay-at-home mom with a full-time nanny.” Meanwhile, he argues, he supports the family through his career. TMZ reported that he feels “Aryn is punishing him for providing for his family.”

He adds that Aryn “micro manages” the time he gets with the kids and even sabotages his phone calls. In his documents, he says he calls his ex’s phone to FaceTime with the kids, but she doesn’t always answer. When she does answer, he claims that she leaves the TV on to further distract the kids from speaking to their father.

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