When most people think of elegant first lady’s, the first ones usually that come to mind are Michelle Obama and Jackie Onassis. But according to Interview magazine, Kim Kardashian is “America’s New First Lady”.


In the interview done by Janet Mock (a check is a check?), Kardashian doesn’t really give us any insight that we already didn’t know. The interview, which was quite thin, and vague, wasn’t the only thing people were talking about when it hit social media.

Most people noticed that Kardashian was considerably darker, and even the same complexion as her daughter North. But since when? Seriously, it was bad enough that Mock said Kardashian has made beauty “browner” and “bronzer” in the interview, but did the photographer purposefully darken her up?

The only first lady Kardashian is, is the first lady of “How to Make It In America As a Reality TV star”.


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