Aaron McGruder

People Are Losing Their Minds Over “Black Jesus”

Satire is a lost art, and Aaron McGruder is one of the few black TV writers who found success by mastering it. But some people think his newest show “Black Jesus” has pushed the envelope all the way off the table. Let’s forget about the ‘hood’...

Aaron McGruder is Back With “Black Jesus” Will You Watch?

Aaron McGruder may not be a part of  The Boondocks any more, but his new series on Adult Swim is premiering in a few weeks. And it may piss off a lot of Christians and white people in the process. Black Jesus is a live-action series starring Grand...

‘Boondocks’ Creator’s ‘Black Jesus’ Coming To Adult Swim

The Boondocks creator is bringing Black Jesus to Adult Swim. This marks Aaron McGruder’s second late night comedy series. Black Jesus will be a live-action, half-hour comedy that sees Jesus living today in Compton, CA. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s “on a daily mission to spread love and kindness...