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Magic Johnson: ‘I’m Going To Pray For Donald Sterling’

Magic Johnson said he’s going to pray for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Magic Johnson is a better human than a lot of people. Johnson told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Tuesday night that “I’m a God-fearing man and I’m going to pray for him and hope things...

Spike Lee & Anderson Cooper Talk Gentrification

After calming down from his expletive filled gentrification rant, which was definitely on point, Spike Lee  made an appearance on “Anderson Cooper 360” to further discuss the points he so eloquently made. Lee told Cooper  that he’s not against new people moving into areas that...

Anderson Cooper Blasts Star Jones for Accusing Him Of Coming Out to Boost Ratings

Anderson Cooper has a few words for media maven Star Jones: Keep your name out my mouth. In a recent episode of his daytime talk show, Bravo’s drama king Andy Cohen asked Cooper how he feels since the news that he’s gay hit the media....