Study: Feeling Vertically Challenged Leads To Paranoia & Lower Self-Esteem

Britain’s Oxford University recently conducted a study which could explain the Napoleon complex or the meaning of Randy Newman’s song “Short People”. According to the  study published Wednesday by the journal Psychiatry Research, short people are mistrustful of others and prone to paranoia. Researchers from Britain’s Oxford University...

16 Of The Most Played-Out Things You Can Say To A Short Person

I am 4’11” and I absolutely love it. While it wasn’t always something I liked, these days I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s a part of who I am and really fits my personality. I can sit comfortably in a tiny airplane seat, I...

I’m Short, But That Doesn’t Mean You Can Treat Me Like A Child

I have a specific problem when it comes to dating. I mean, I have many problems (I’m attracted to unavailable guys, ranging from gay men to fictional characters), but there’s one that has significantly affected me. I’m short. I’m 4’11”. I’ve been this size since...