So It’s NOT OK to Hit Your Girlfriend, But Beating Your Daughter Is Cool?

The now-infamous viral video of a fed-up father whipping his daughters for twerking has sparked an interesting discussion. While most argued over whether or not the father crossed the line that distinguishes discipline from abuse, positive responses (and there were many) claiming the father “did...

Facebook Video of Daughters Beat for Twerking Goes Viral

Where is the line between discipline and abuse? For many, it’s hard to determine when a parent’s disciplinary actions cross the line. One video is calling that debate into question. It was posted on Facebook yesterday and already has over 9,000 shares, 1,800 likes and...

Shame and Social Media: Should Parents Use Public Humiliation as Discipline?

When I was growing up, there was a form of discipline that every child I knew dreaded. It trumped being grounded, yelled at or even spanked. It was the threat of being hit by your parents in front of your peers. Long after the pain...