Happy Birthday Will Smith! His Top 5 Wisest Quotes

Will Smith turns 46 today and we’re celebrating for a plethora of reasons, including the fact that I Robot 2, Hancock 2 and Bad Boys 3 are all on their way to the silver screen. Aside from rapping, acting and producing Will has also been...

15 Quotes by Women to Live By

Sometimes just reading a positive statement can help boost your mood. There are quotes out there in the world that are so brimming with truth that you can’t help but make a change in your life right this second. We can’t promise you’ll be a...

Uplift Your Spirit: Five Motivational Quotes for the Week

The beginning of the week is upon us again. It is sure to unfold with unforeseen tribulations as well as triumphs; but no matter what happens in the next six days, feeding our spirits with positive words and thoughts will keep the blues at bay....